Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Yorkie Splash & Shine

I'm one lucky Yorkie!  The folks at Yorkie Splash & Shine sent me this set of shampoo, conditioner and detangler/finishing spray to try out!  Mom thinks it's great that the shampoo is organic and the conditioner and detangler spray are vegan.

I kinda give Mom a hard time about posing for photos.  I guess you could say I'm a bit camera shy.  So this is the best picture of me at bath time.

I hope you can see how soft my hair looks.  Mom says it feels so silky and she absolutely loves how I smell.  She says I still smell really good 5-7 days after using it.  She actually said I smelled "beautiful" but I told her not to tell everybody that, after all, I am a boy! 

Here's another view for ya.

Us dogs don't really care how we smell, but I guess our humans do.  So I'm giving this Yorkie Shampoo set two paws up, cuz Mom really likes it and I like that it's gentle and doesn't make me itch.

If you want to look and smell good for your humans or dog friends, give this stuff a try.  I've gotten a lot of compliments using it!  

As far as the detangler/finishing spray...Mom used it on me several times before brushing me out. It helps to soften the hair so you don't damage it.  It really helps with those pesky tangles!  Good stuff!




  1. You look beautiful and I bet you smell great! I am not big on baths so I do not want my Mommy to see this.

    Loveys Sasha

    1. Hi Sasha,
      Don't worry, it'll be our secret! :)

  2. Great review Parker! I haven't heard of this stuff before but I think you look very handsome and your furs do look very soft too!

  3. We don't do baths but you sure look cute Parker. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Parker looks fantastic with a personality that truly shines (pardon the shampoo pun). My 3-year-old twin Yorkies, Mae and Pepi, receive their products on Friday, and I can't wait to experience the same results.

  5. You will love the smell, Shirley! :)

  6. Parker is such a cutie! I would like to try that shampoo and conditioner on my Ziggy soon. Thanks!
    Connie Pruitt

  7. I'll pass on the shampoo and conditioner, but I could use some detangler on occasion. I dislike having a bath but I really dislike getting tangles combed out.

  8. Wow! Parker, your fur really does look soft in that picture. I'd say the Yorkie Splash is good stuff! :)

  9. Such cute photos!! =)
    The shampoo and conditioner sound awesome!

  10. Your fur does look soft and silky Parker. You must be getting extra pats, cuddles and kisses.
    Roy & Shefali

  11. I've been eying their shampoos for my own Yorkie Luke for a while now. Thanks for the review on this. Looks like Luke's going to be getting a late Christmas present. :)

  12. Where can I get this shampoo an conditioner and how can I order it if it's nowhere locally?