About Parker

Hi there!  I'm a Yorkshire Terrier.

My Mom and Dad got me in New Hampshire when I was 12 weeks old on Jan. 1, 2013.  I weighed 4 lbs.

I'm full grown now and weigh 18 lbs.  I know!  I'm a big Yorkie!

I live in Massachusetts.  I don't have any pet siblings (yet). 

Click HERE to read about the day my parents took me home!


  1. Hiya, Roy and I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award and the Versatile Blogging Award. http://followingroy.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/weve-been-nominated/
    Roy & Shefali

  2. Hi Parker!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read more about it here: http://champersandstail.blogspot.com/2013/06/thank-you-everyone-this-newbie-is-sweet.html !


  3. Hey Champ! Thank you very much! We appreciate it!

  4. Parker is really sweet and looks full of energy like a happy and healthy Yorkshire Terrier :-)

  5. Wow! 14 pounds! Is Parker is pure breed? He certainly looks like it, but thats big for a yorkie!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      He's actually 18 lbs. now! We don't have any breeding papers on him. He's a big boy! Probably a mix?

  6. If he is 18 pounds I would say probably so.The AKC standard says under 8, or 9 pounds, but I bet there are a lot of exceptions . On the contrary he looks very "yorkie", but I would consider the idea of being a mix. I am not an expert I can't tell you for sure(I just happen to be obsessed with reading about dogs especially yorkies) If you really, really, really want to know for sure the vet can do a DNA test. Beenie(said Beanie like a Beanie-baby) is my first yorkie, and is still a puppy. She is expected to be no more then 6 pounds(her parents weighed 4.5, and 6.5 pounds.)