Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Only Took 25 Years to Get Our First Dog!

I grew up in a family of seven children and many of us had allergies to fur.  So I was never much of a pet person.  We raised two boys (now ages 23 and 19) who also grew up with allergies, so the only thing we ever had in the house was an aquarium full of fish.  So you can imagine how many people were very surprised to hear that my husband Dave and I got a dog.

This past year, my youngest son would occasionally tell us that we should get a dog.  With a quieter house, the idea of having a dog started to appeal to me.  I started reading about different breeds on line and Dave and I kept going back to Yorkies.  We thought they were adorable and a dog with hair would be better for our home.  I found a woman online in NH who had one, so on New Year's Day, 2013, we drove about 90 minutes north to check out the dogs she had.

This is how Parker looked when we met him.  He was only 4 lbs.  This picture was taken in the basement of the person selling him.  Not very impressive, I know.  It didn't smell the greatest either.  We met 3 or 4 hair dogs at a time.  Most of them were so hyper, we couldn't picture bringing one of them home.  When the woman brought Parker out, he was extremely shy and he avoided us.

Dave scooped him up and we knew that Parker was the one for us.  We're low key kind of people, so he seemed like a good fit for our family.

We had a long drive home.  The owner suggested that he sit on my lap instead of in the crate because he would probably be nervous and she was right.  He acted like he was going to throw up many times!  Poor thing!

This is Parker when we took him home.  He was SO SHY!  I felt so bad for him!  He let us hold him but he looked kinda lost for about a week.

The next few pictures were taken of Parker during the first week that we had him.  He has changed a lot since then! 

What kind of dog do you have?  Was your dog shy when you took him/her home?


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  2. We have 5 dogs currently - 3 Maltese poodles {we owned both their parents before}, one Chorkie {she is the breed between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua} and a 5 month old Jack Russell ! My husband and I love dogs in the most extreme way and I can not imagine us without them - they bring so much joy to any household :-) Over the years we had different types of dogs, but I have to say, Jack Russells are THE dogs to have - yes, they are naughty and lively, but really, they keep us on our toes ! {just one thing,,, if you don't know yet ,,, doggies think they own us, and not the other way around} Enjoy Parker, and I look forward to his posts!

    With A Blast

  3. Linda, thank you for taking the time to comment! My son wanted us to get a Jack Russell but I was worried about our allergies to fur. They sound like great dogs.

    I totally understand how much you love your pets. I fell in love with Parker so fast and miss him when I'm at work. I often think about getting another dog so Parker won't be so lonely during the day.

    Do you stay home with your dogs? Or work outside of the home?

    1. Oh no, I am at home all the time! {agoraphobia} But, when I absolutely have to go out, it is usually just an hour a week to the supermarket :-) On Mother's Day we had gone to my mother-in-law and I could not wait to get home and check on our kiddies ! {the human kids were with us!}

  4. Parker is so cute! We just became dog-less after years of always having a dog. Now that it's just my husband and I we've been thinking about what kind of dog to get.

  5. Sorry about your loss, Nancy. If and when you get another dog, let me know! I'd love to chat with you about it!

  6. As you have seen from my blog, I have my Dorkie Maddie. Before her, I had a yorkie named Pepsi. She was shy the first couple days we had her, but she adjusted very well. I can't believe how cute Parker is!!

  7. Thanks Breanna. I'm so glad we connected through our blogs! As a new pet parent, I will be asking you for advice, for sure!

  8. Hi Y'all,

    I read your comment about getting a brother or sister for Parker...My niece had a Chessie for years. When he died she got 2 Yorkie crosses. She said she never wanted to have just a single dog again...

    That said, Hawk is an "only". We have had 2 dogs before, but our female Chessie, prior to Hawk, and Hawk have been "only" dogs. Both dogs were very well socialized and easy to train. Hawk spent his first 14 mos with his breeder. He was one of 8 adults once the littermates were sold.
    He has adjusted well to being an "only". He loves seeing other dogs and is very social.

    Dogs readily adjust to your schedule. I like to think of them as 4 legged children that never mature beyond age 5 or 6 years. Think about how much time you have to share with a dog. Also consider traveling, if you plan to travel with your dog, with one versus two dogs.

    I assume vet and grooming expense is not part of the consideration.

    Some towns have nice doggie daycare centers too...Could be an option if you think he's lonely.

    Sorry to be so wordy,
    BrownDog's Human

  9. I like wordy, Hawk! During our work week, Parker gets snappy with his teeth and kinda grouchy as the week goes on. We feel that he's lonely during the day and makes it known in the way he acts. He always gets better on the weekend when we're with him all day.

  10. At our home, we've experienced the extreme dominant, the happy-go-lucky and the severely neglected. Seeing the difference in a neglected and terrified of everything dog as he gained confidence was so rewarding! He went from shaking and peeing if someone merely looked at him to wanting to be a lap dog.

    I see a few comments above about a sibling for Parker. Well, we think that is a great idea! Oh, maybe we should tell you that we are a pack of seven rescued dogs plus a foster pup. We have three blind (one of which is also partly deaf) a deaf dog and three others.

    What are you doing to deter the snappy/grouchy behavior that Parker is showing? Sometimes people let little dogs get away with things because they are so little and oh so darn cute. He might just be really bored and needs a playmate. Just sayin'....lots of rescues out there!

    1. Thanks for your comments! I'm keeping my eye on rescued dogs in my area. I walk Parker when I get home from work and make sure I take time to play with him in the house. Just realized Petco has Puppy Socials a couple days a week. I'm planning on taking him as often as possible.

  11. Just 'discovered' this blog and I am utterly in love with Parker! He reminds me so much of my first Yorkie Scamp who we adopted in 1981 when he was 6 months old. I'd never been without a dog until my last one, Tina Whippet, passed away in August 2008 and the past five years have been horrendous...always that feeling of something good and worthwhile missing in our life. I was working very long hours so couldn't devote as much quality time as I like to a dog so I quit my job a few months ago, found one with a lot less hours and we, hubby Neil and myself, are now looking forward to getting ourselves two pups later this year. After much deliberation it came down to either Yorkies or Chihuahuas as we wanted small dogs that could come on holiday with us around the UK....and hubby has decided on Yorkies after meeting a workmate's dog.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Parker (he really IS adorable!) and once our two girls come home I fully intend to start their own blog.

    1. Gill,
      I'm so glad you stopped by and shared your story with me! I'm sorry for your loss.

      I'm totally in love with Parker, so I can understand how you feel.

      Please keep in touch and let me know when you get your new little pups! Be sure to give me a link to the new blog when you get it going!

      Take care!